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Sweet Home

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Camera: Tman
Cast: Totleb & Co.
Editor: Todito
Soundmix: Todonsky Junior
Directed by: T.L.

Hints & Definitions

The Nigger Of The “Narcissus”
by Joseph Conrad

“Move yourself! Ough!” grunted Mr. Baker; “what’s the matter with your
hind legs?” He stopped dead short. He gazed slowly with eyes that bulged
out with an expression audacious and sad.–“It isn’t my legs,” he said,
“it’s my lungs.” Everybody listened.–“What’s… Ough!… What’s wrong
with them?” inquired Mr. Baker. All the watch stood around on the wet
deck, grinning, and with brooms or buckets in their hands. He said
mournfully:–“Going–or gone. Can’t you see I’m a dying man? I know
it!” Mr. Baker was disgusted.–“Then why the devil did you ship aboard
here?”–“I must live till I die–mustn’t I?” he replied. The grins
became audible.–“Go off my deck–get out of my sight,” said Mr. Baker.
He was nonplussed. It was a unique experience. James Wait, obedient,
dropped his broom, and walked slowly forward. A burst of laughter
followed him. It was too funny. All hands laughed…. They laughed!…

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