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All Together Now

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Livestream from Todessa

Camera: Tman
Cast: Totleb & Co.
Editor: Todito
Soundmix: Todonsky Junior
Directed by: T.L.

Hints & Definitions

Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 9
Zeus made love to Mnemosyne [Memory] in Pieria and became father of the Mousai.

Pindar, Nemean Ode 7
If someone is successful in his deeds, he casts a cause for sweet thoughts into the streams of the Muses. For those great acts of prowess dwell in deep darkness, if they lack songs, and we know of only one way to hold a mirror up to fine deeds: if, by the grace of Mnemosyne [Memory] with her splendid headdress, one finds a recompense for toils in glorious song. Skillful men know the wind that will come on the day after tomorrow, and they do not suffer loss through the love of gain. The rich man and the poor man alike travel together to the boundary of death.

Greek Lyric V Anonymous Scholia, Fragment 917c
Gentle-eyed mother Mousa [Mnemosyne], keep company with the pure family of your children: we bring out a complex song, newly flowering with fresh-built skill.

The Beatles
All together now… (x4)

Boom, bam, boom
Boom, bam, boom

All together now… (x8)

Boom, bam, boom
Boom, bam, boom

All together now… (x12)

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